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Lead Screws

ALM relying on the University of Manchester,specializes in screw thread technology and processes the world's leading technology in terms of grinding wheel dressing,thread grinding,thread cold extrusion,thread tool manufacturing,and thread transmission,which has laid the foundation for the quality of ALM linear motion products.

ALM is one of the world's three hard-rolled cold rolling screw rod technology holders.Unique manufacturer in nut smooth grinding technology,heartless grinding screw technology,super smooth screw technology,screw self-centering and heel knife grinding technology.In addition,with reasonable design and rigorous process control,ALM lead screws fit nicely,run smoothly,left and right motion softness consistent,dynamic smoothness is good,lead screw assemblies transmission efficiency is higher,torque is smaller,motor load is smaller.Both cold rolling and grinding manufacturing technology are available to provide the corresponding products according to customers' requirements.

ALM produces lead screws as per the ball screw processing requirement.Different from most other lead screw manufacturers,ALM cold rolling lead screws is made by a model with a single rolling wheel.ALM lead screw accuracy can be C5.Lead screw hardness can be HRC70,When the lead nuts rotate on screws,no deformed and wiggling nor stuck phenomenon.With ALM unique rare earth alloy nuts,lead screw service life increased by at least 3 times.

ALM Lead Screw Types

Trapezoidal lead screw

Trapezoidal Lead Screws

Trapezoidal lead screw thread angle is 30°and manufactured in metric size.The size of the trapezoidal lead screw is specified by the shaft diameter of the screw and the pitch of the screw thread.

ACME Lead Screws

ACME Lead Screws

ACME lead screw has a thread angle of 29°and is manufactured in inch size.Acme screw size is usually specified by the screw shaft diameter and the number of threads per inch or TPI.

metric lead screw

Metric Lead Screws

Metric thread lead screw thread angle is 60°.Metric thread is the most common form of thread used for fastening and precision transmission.The size of the metric lead screw is specified by the shaft diameter of the screw and the pitch of the screw thread.

anti-backlash nut lead screw

Anti-backlash Nut Lead Screws

Backlash can cause wear and inaccurate positioning,which can be detrimental to your application.The anti-backlash nut can reduce the clearance between the screw and nut and improve the precision of the lead screw.

mini lead screw

Mini Lead Screws

ALM mini lead screw sizes range from 2mm to 4.mm.These small nut and lead screw assemblies can be attached to highly compact units.These mini lead screws save size and weight and are designed for precision and miniaturized applications.

bi-directional lead screw

Bi-directional Lead Screws

Bi-directional lead screws which are machined left handed and right handed thread on a shaft,and nuts are mounted on each thread.Both right and left nuts move symmetrically,precise positioning,and width adjustment by single motor.ALM nut configuration is designed freely to suit customer's requirements.

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