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Cold Rolling, Turning And Grinding Lead Screw: How To Choose?

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Cold Rolling, Turning And Grinding Lead Screw: How To Choose?

ALM lead screw processing technology mainly has cold rolling,turning and grinding.Each manufacturing method has its own advantages and disadvantages,so cold rolling,turning,grinding lead screw,how to choose?

cold rolled Lead screw

Cold rolling lead screw

turning Lead screw

Turning lead screw

grinding lead screw

Grinding lead screw

Rolled lead screws are preferred over cutting (turning on a lathe) lead screws.Rolled lead screws have a harder surface with a superior surface finish.So rolled lead screws are more durable and resistant to wear and tear.The production cycle of rolled lead screw is shorter,and customers can quickly get products and carry out projects.Additionally,the lead accuracy of rolled lead screws can be held to better than.003 inch/foot,making them suitable for most precision applications.

Cold Rolling, Turning And Grinding Lead Screw How To Choose


Turning lead screw can achieve high precision and good surface finish,but the cost is higher than rolled lead screw and the processing efficiency is relatively low,when the customer needs a small number of samples can consider turning lead screw.

10mm T10x1 T10x1.5 T10x2 T10x4 Lead Screw with POMBrass Nut

However,if higher accuracy is required,ground lead screw should be considered.The grinding process can hold lead accuracy to as tight as.0003 inch/foot or better,making it the best option for applications where precision is critical.But,the grinding process is much more expensive than rolling or turning,so it may not be necessary for every application.


Customers can choose lead screw with different processing technology according to actual application requirement.ALM can produce various lead screw diameter from 2mm to 120mm.Whether it is affordable,or high precision and high performance lead screw, you can always find the right solution in ALM.Email us right now! : sales@autolinearmotion.com


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