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Large Ground Ball Screws

ALM produces a variety of large ground ball screws ranging in diameter from 16mm to 120mm.Our large ground ball screws undergo a grinding process to achieve a superior surface finish and high levels of accuracy,with precision levels of C1, C3, and C5 attainable.

large ground ball screw processing

ALM Large Ground Ball Screw Processing

ALM large ground screw threads are manufactured by an abrasive process that typically occurs in a horizontal setup,the material blank rotates on a long axis between two machining centers,while extremely hard abrasive cutters that are designed to cut a few threads at a time,carve out the threads from the cut blanks.

Large Ground Ball Screw

ALM Large Ground Ball Screw Thread Picture

The picture on the left shows the details of the ALM large ground ball screw threads,which are clean and smooth and have excellent surface finish.Large ground ball screw is suitable for applications requiring very high positioning accuracy,as well as a high degree of repeatability and high load.


ALM Large Ground Ball Screw Basic Information

AccuracyC1,C3,C5(JIS standard)
Axial play0~0.005mm(Can be zero)


FeaturesClean and smooth,excellent surface finsh
CertificatesISO9001:2015,CE certificate,RoHS and reach compliance
ALM provides custom service,ball screws can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

ALM Large Ground Ball Screw Ballnut Types

threaded nose ballnut bi-directional ball screw

Ballnut With Threaded Nose

square flanged ballnut bi-directional ball-screw

Square Flanged Ballnut

flanged ballnut bi-directional ball screw

Double-cut Flanged Ballnut

round flanged ballnut bi-directional ball screw

Round Flanged Ballnut

ballnut-with-thread-nose-ball-screw (1)

Ballnut With Keyway

square-ballnut-ball-screw (2)

Square Ballnut

ALM Typical Large Ground Ball Screw Types

16mm ground ball screw

16mm Large Ground Ball Screw

With up to 90% efficiency,ALM 16mm ground ball screws are widely used in applications requiring high precision and repeatability,such as:robotics,CNC machines and 3D printers. 

20mm ground ball screw

20mm Large Ground Ball Screw

The 20mm ground ball screw has high precision and low noise,and is durable.This ball screw can withstand higher loads and has wide application in industrial automation.

25mm ground ball screw

25mm Large Ground Ball Screw

ALM's advanced processing technology enables the 25mm ground ball screw to have high durability,high precision and higher load.The ground ball screw is widely used,such as:CNC router,laser cutting machine,and packing machine.

32mm ground ball screw32mm Large Ground Ball Screw

32mm ball screw can maintain long service life by using advanced processing technology.The ball screw has the characteristics of high precision,high stiffness and high speed.Widely used in large automation equipment.

40mm ground ball screw

40mm Large Ground Ball Screw

Diameter 40mm ground ball screw has high stiffness and can be designed with large lead to achieve high speed operation.It is suitable for machine tools and other large automation equipment.

50mm ground ball screw

50mm Large Ground Ball Screw

Diameter 50mm ground ball screw has the characteristics of high rigidity and high durability.The ball screw can maintain high efficiency with low wear,and can withstand high and ultra-high loads.

63mm ground ball screw63mm Large Ground Ball Screw

Diameter 63mm ground ball screw is a kind of heavy load ball screw that can withstand large axial loads.The ball screw has the characteristics of long service life and low noise.

80mm ground ball screw80mm Large Ground Ball Screw

80mm ground ball screw has the characteristics of high rigidity,high strength,strong resistance to bending,and high reliability.It can bear heavy load and super heavy load.

100mm ground ball screw

100mm Large Ground Ball Screw

Diameter 100mm ground ball screws have increased load capacity by maximizing the diameter of balls in relation to the lead,increasing the number of valid load balls and optimizing the shape of ball groove.

120mm ground ball screw

120mm Large Ground Ball Screw

ALM high load 120mm ground ball screws have maximized the ball diameter and increased the number of valid load balls for a design that can withstand a super heavy load. 

ALM Large Ground Ball Screw Video Show

ALM Large Ground Ball Screw Advantages

Clean and smooth;

High load capacity;

Excellent surface finish;

High efficient:more than 90%;

High positioning accuracy:C1,C3,C5;




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