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  • What are the common applications of hybrid stepper motor linear actuators?
    For electromechanical linear actuators,integrated design saves space,reduces complexity,and reduces total cost of ownership,while reducing the number of parts required for repair or replacement.The hybrid stepper linear actuator is a design with multiple uses in medical,3D printing and assembly appl   Read More>
  • What should we pay attention to when using ball splines?
    The Spline Nut and the Spline Shaft●Do not remove the spline nut from the spline shaft unless necessary.If the spline nut is reinstalled to the spline shaft after the inevitable removal of the nut,the ball position on the spline nut should be aligned with the groove position of the spline shaft,and   Read More>
  • Servo motor VS stepper motor: How to choose?
    The vast majority of linear motion applications use a stepper or servo motor to provide torque to a drive mechanism,which is usually a ball screw or lead screw,rack and pinion,or belt and pulley system.Servo motors and stepper motors are designed for very different performance characteristics.Determ   Read More>
  • What are the characteristics of the ball spline?
    The ball spline is essentially a linear bushing and shaft system,with axial grooves along both the shaft and the inside diameter of the nut.The load-carrying balls recirculates within the nut in much the same manner as the linear bushing.However,grooves in the shaft prevent rotation and facilitate t   Read More>
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