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ALM specializes in the production of rigid couplings and zero clearance motion control flexible couplings for 20 years,our coupling includes Disc-Coupling,High-Gain Rubber Coupling,Jaw Coupling,Slit Coupling,Oldham Coupling,Rigid Coupling.Our couplings have been widely used in the field of industrial automation,providing customers with a wide range of solutions.We also offer custom coupling products to meet the special needs of our customers.



High-Gain Rubber Coupling

High-Gain Rubber Coupling

Jaw Coupling

Jaw Coupling

Slit Coupling

Beam Coupling

Oldham Coupling

Oldham Coupling

Rigid Coupling

Rigid Coupling

Coupling Selection Guide

●Mechanical characteristics of the motor

The mechanical characteristics of the motor have a certain influence on the entire transmission system.Diferent types of motors should select the corresponding motor coefficient K according to their characteristics.Choosing the best coupling suitable for the system,the category of the motor is the fundamental factor in choosing the type of coupling.The power of the motor is an important basis for determining the size of the coupling.lt is proportional to the torque of the coupling.

Load category

Due to the diferent construction and materials,the couplings used in the transmission systems of various mechanical products vary greatly in their bearing capacity.The load category mainly forms different types of loads for the impact vibration,forward and reverse,braking,freguent starting,etc.Of the working load of the working machine.For ease of calculation, the load of the drive system is divided into four categories,as shown in the followina list:

Load category coupling

Coupling rotational frequency

The allowable rotational frequency range of the coupling is determined by calculation based on the allowable line speed,maximum outer size and diferent materials of the coupling.Couplings of diferent materials,varieties and specifications have different allowable rotational frequency ranges.Changing the material of the coupling can increase the allowable rotational frequency range of the coupling.

Relative misalignment of two shafts connected by the coupling

The two shafts connected by the coupling are deformed due to manufacturing errors,assembly errors,mounting errors,shaft-detormation,pedestal deformation,bearing wear,temperature changes(thermal expansion and contraction),relative movement between components,etc.Factors that produce relative misalignment.

Coupling transmission accuracy

The small torque and the shafting transmission based on the transmission motion require the coupling to have a high transmission tip,and the metal fexible coupling should be selected.Large torque and transmission-based shafting drive also need high transmision tip,if high-speed should avoid the use of non-metallic components flexible couplings or flexible couplings with space between movable components,and Disc-Coupling should be selected.

Coupling size,installation and maintenance

The overall dimensions of the coupling,is the maximum radial and axial dimensions,must be within the allowable installation space of the machine.Should choose the coupling that convenient assembly and disassembly maintenance free or easy maintenance,replace the wearing parts without moving the two shafts,easier centering.

Working environment

Couplings are used in a variety of different host products the surrounding working environment is complex,like temperature,limit,watevapor,dust, sand,radiation,etc.are one of the important factors that must be considered when selecting a coupling.




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