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Flanged Type Ball Splines

ALM offers high precision ball splines with square flange and round flange nuts.The advantages of flange type ball splines are that they have high sealing performance and anti-loosening performance,which can effectively prevent the threaded connection from loosening under vibration or force.Flanged ball spline is usually used for equipment and pipeline connections requiring high sealing performance,such as chemical equipment,petroleum equipment,food processing equipment,etc.

flange Ball splinesRound flange ball spline

Round flange ball spline is simpler to install because it only requires a rough bore and mounting holes drilled and tapped to secure the flange to the housing.

square flange Ball splineSquare flange ball spline

The ball spline nut with square flange is easy to be installed to the housing through mounting holes and will be applied to 3C industry and semiconductor industry.




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