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  • What's the working principle of linear actuator?
    A linear actuator is a device that converts rotational motion into linear motion.It consists of a motor,a lead screw or a ball screw, and a nut.The motor is typically an electric motor that generates rotational motion. This rotational motion is then transmitted to the lead screw or ball screw throug   Read More>
  • What Are The Common Protection Levels of Linear Actuator?
    The internal parts of the electric linear actuator will affect its service life,protect the linear actuator from solid substances and liquid intrusion,and also ensure its service life.The IP rating improves the service life of the device and the safety requirements of the user. IP is the abbreviatio   Read More>
  • ALM electric linear actuator in AGV application case
    Since most AGVs are indoor instead of manual handling,they need to be environmentally friendly,so there is no leakage for the mechanism jacking and lifting requirements.Most of our common AGV jacking and lifting mechanisms are solved by mechanical CAM and screw + motor drive,which challenges the rel   Read More>
  • What is the structure and working principle of the electric linear actuator?
    ● Structure of electric linear actuatorThe electric push rod is composed of a drive motor, reduction gear, screw, nut, guide sleeve, push rod, slide seat, spring, shell, turbine, micro control switch, etc. The electric push rod is a new type of electric actuator, and the electric push rod is mainly   Read More>




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