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What are the maintenance methods of linear motor modules?

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The linear motor module is usually composed of grating encoder supporting grating ruler, precision guide rail, stator and actuator, of which the precision guide rail is used as the guiding support,which greatly reduces the wear between the parts, and its service life is greatly improved compared with the screw module.The following is the maintenance method of the linear motor module:

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●Ensure cleanliness
To keep the linear motor module clean is the first task,to avoid oil and water and other dirt into the linear motor module inside,while regularly checking whether its operation is smooth,because large resistance friction will affect the accuracy and stability of the linear motor module operation. If there is foreign body friction,please be sure to clean it, otherwise the service life,safety and stability of the linear motor module will be greatly reduced,and even prone to more serious problems.


●Regular inspection

(1)Check whether the wiring terminal bolts and base fixing bolts of the linear motor module are loose.If they are loose,tighten them with relevant tools;

(2)Check whether the connection screw between the reading head and the components of the linear motor module is loose,if it is loose,it can be energized to observe whether the reading head signal light is normal,and then adjust the reading head,usually the normal signal light is green or blue;

(3)Check whether the linear motor module guide rail is rusty.If it is rusty,a dust-free cloth can be used to wipe the surface of the guide rail,which can effectively remove surface debris and oil stains.Then grind the rust with fine sandpaper,apply anti-rust oil on the cleaned guide rail and add grease regularly to prevent rust again;

(4)Check whether there are scratches,oil,dust on the surface of the linear motor module grating ruler,to prevent the surface pollution of the grating ruler and reading head from causing inaccurate reading.Usually,we use a dust-free cloth stained with acetone to gently press on the surface of the grating ruler, wipe from one end of the grating ruler to the other end of the grating ruler,be careful not to wipe back and forth to prevent scratching the grating ruler surface, and always wipe once or twice in one direction;

(5)Check whether there is abnormal noise,vibration and special smell in the operation of the linear motor module.We can determine whether the motor is normal by checking the three-phase resistance and ground resistance of the linear motor module.

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