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More Safe Magnetic-track-free Linear Motor for 3D Printer

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  • MTF3-S1-75-A

  • 8501109990

More Safe Magnetic-track-free Linear Motor for 3D Printer.The stator of magnetic-track-free linear motor does not use magnets,but the powder magnetic conductive materials developed in recent years.The material has high permeability,high saturation flux and is easy to be manufactured by metallurgical die casting.

MTF Linear Motor stators

MTF Linear Motor stator

linear motor mover

MTF linearr motor mover

MTF linear motor put the magnet inside the mover,and when the mover moves,the corresponding magnet moves.That is,the linear motor will have the excitation of the magnet with movement,the magnet movement to which part,which part of the electromagnetic force.Thus,as the rotary permanent magnet synchronous motor,the magnet utilization rate reaches 100%,no extra magnet is exposed.

R&D team

linear motor workshop

linear motor assembly room

linear motor inspection room

linear motor package

linear motor stator package

linear motor

linear motor application

As a result,the cost of linear motor mudule is greatly reduced and safety is improved.Due to much less amount of magnets applied compared to conventional linear motors,so MTF linear motor price is much more attractive can bring at least 70% COST SAVING.The longer the stroke,the more cost-effective.

MTF3-S1-75-A(B) Linear Motor Parameter

MTF3-S1-75-A linear motor dimension

MTF linear motor sizes

MTF linear motor advantages 

MORE SAFE No magnetic field in stator,easier for assembling,much lower risk for operators
MUCH SMALLER ATTRACTION FORCE About ⅓ of the conventional linear motor attraction force can reduce the friction and cogging force significantly,thus to increase the life expectancy and reduce the operating noise.
MUCH SMALLER COGGING FORCE Benefited from the low attraction force and the specialized optimizing design,MTF-LM can obtain the extremely low cogging force.
MORE ADAPTIVE With low requirement for the ingress protection,and reduce the EMI grade obviously
EASIER FOR PROTECTION Not easy to attract the sundries and ashes into the motor,easier for protection
HIGHER COST-EFFECTIVE Benefited from the rare-earth material saving,MTF is trying to provide the most cost-effective products for customers.

MTF Linear Motor Applications    

The applications of MTF linear motor from ALM in the following area can bring significant advantages for our customers.

- Ic Package

- Testing Of Semiconductor equipment

- Ic Patching

- Photovoltaic Panel manufacturing

- Laser Cutting equipments

- Medical Apparatus And Instruments

- Machine Tool

- Lithium battery manufacturing

- Optical Equipments

- Panel display manufacturing

MTF linear motor application

MTF3 Linear motor catalog V6.1 EN-ALM.pdf


ALM company

ALM R&D team

ALM R&D team

ALM R&D teamR&D team

ALM's office

ALM office

ALM's workshop

ALM linear motor workshop

ALM product processing

ALM product processing

ALM product testing

product testing

ALM's warehouse

ALM warehouse

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ALM product show

Customer Visit

customer visit

Patent Certificate for invention and utility model

seidal product certificate

ISO certificate

seidal certificate

CE certificate

ALM linear motor certificate





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