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Linear Modules Working Principles

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Linear Modules Working Principles

Linear modules are now widely used for automation industry.And they are called in various names.

Such as linear modules,linear cylinder,linear slide modules,linear actuator,also called robot arm or single axis robot.

Although the name is not the same,its working principle is the same.

Linear modules can be divided into synchronous belt driven and ball screw driven,but they all work the same way.

The linear module is a servo motor and screw or synchronous belt integrated design of the modular products.

Transfer the servo motor rotational motion into linear motion,In addition,achieve the best advantages of the service motor,precise speed control, precise turn control, precise torque control into - precise speed control, precise position control, precise thrust control, high-precision linear motion. The following is a detailed introduction to the synchronous belt and ball screw working principle.

belt driven linear modules

Belt driven linear modules

The synchronous belt linear module is mainly composed of belt, linear rail, aluminum alloy profile, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch and so on. The belt is mounted on the drive shaft on both sides of the linear module and the power input shaft is secured to the belt to block the slider of the unit. When the input is used, the slider is driven by a belt. 

Usually belt linear module has been specifically designed.It can control the tightness of the belt on one side,convenient debugging in the production process.For synchronous belt linear modules,you can select rigid rails according to different loads, which can improve the stiffness of the linear modules.

Different linear modules specifications are with different load caps. The accuracy of the synchronous belt linear module depends on the belt quality and the combination during processing. The control of the power input affects the accuracy of the belt.

KK linear moduls

Ball Screw driven linear modules

Mainly composed of ball screw, linear rail, aluminum alloy, ball screw, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch and so on. 

Ball screws are ideal for converting rotational motion into linear motion or linear motion into rotating motion. The ball screw consists of screws, nuts, and balls. 

It is the function of rotating motion into linear motion, which is the further promotion and development of ball screw.

Its development significance is to change the bearing from rolling motion to sliding action. 

Ball screw is widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments because of the small friction resistance. High-precision linear motion can be achieved under high load conditions.





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