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What are the advantages of synchronous belt linear module?

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What are the advantages of synchronous belt linear module?

●Light weight and high rigidity: The belt drive linear module base made of aluminum alloy profiles is combined with the linear guide rail to achieve the two key characteristics of the touch group slide: light weight and high steel. Lightweight makes the device small and lightweight; High rigidity means high precision,and the price of aluminum alloy raw materials is low,which reduces the cost. After passing through the anode,the sliding table and the base are installed into the linear guide rail, and the base and the sliding table are matched to realize the stability of the load capacity of the touching group sliding table.The amount of displacement of the load is small,while the function for carrying mass or external load changes can also maintain high stability.

●Corrosion resistance: Through the quality certification of linear module belt type base and slide is made of aluminum alloy,aluminum alloy surface through anti-corrosion passivation treatment,that is,natural anodizing treatment,and has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance;In addition,stainless steel linear guide rails and mounting screws are all made of nickel plating material, so the entire linear module belt type equipment is fully corrosion resistant.

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●Component standardization: Components for assembling sliding table equipment are manufactured in strict accordance with standards.In handling, transmission,conveying and other practical operations,the horizontal and vertical direction of the touch group components can be used.The cylinder can be replaced by the pneumatic working slide group,and has the advantages of cheap price,long service life,and maintenance is not too difficult.

Industry sales of linear module belt type design simple installation,high precision,positioning progress and reproducibility are easy to detect,and affordable,since the market, has been widely used in many automation equipment,such as PC,LED,semiconductor,automotive,photoelectric industry,food,medicine and other related industry equipment,linear module belt type is used.It has become more and more mature in practical application.

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