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Industrial Robot

MHT Linear Motor

The application of linear motor is more and more extensive,and its characteristics of high precision,high speed and simple structure are beyond the reach of previous transmission devices. The application of industrial robots is mainly reflected in the assembly and loading and unloading operations in various industries.

However,due to the limitation of the length of the industrial robot arm,its operating range is limited.It is necessary to carry a mobile platform to expand its scope of use,but the accuracy of the previous transmission device is not high,which will lead to the reduction of the accuracy of industrial robots,and can not meet the needs of industrial robots for accuracy.

The linear motor carries the manipulator to do parallel motion,which can meet the requirements of precision and speed of industrial robots.By understanding customer needs,ALM tailors the linear motor module for customers,carries the manipulator to do translation movement to grasp materials,expands the operating range of the manipulator,meets customer needs,and minimizes the impact of the mobile platform on the accuracy of the manipulator.

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