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PCB Board Assembly

PCB drilling is used to conduct or connect copper foil lines between conductive patterns in different layers of the circuit board.Circuit board drilling needs to be based on the required aperture,the size of the aperture varies from 0.1-1mm.

linear motor for PCB drilling

ALM provides customers with XY shaft high-thrust customized linear motors,which can still achieve high speed and high acceleration motion under heavy load conditions,while also ensuring high positioning accuracy,helping customers achieve fast and accurate drilling.

high-thrust MHT Linear motor

In printed circuit board manufacturing,the negative image is transferred to the copper foil substrate through the exposure machine, which is one of the key processes in the PCB manufacturing process,requiring the motion platform of the exposure machine to have high accuracy and motion stability.

linear motor for Printed circuit board manufacturing

ALM offers a complete package of XYZ fixed gantry four-axis marble platforms and high-performance control systems to solve PCB board handling and exposure processes in exposure processes.

MTF or MHT series linear motors designed by ALM patent are adopted for XY axes,which have no fluting effect and ensure higher stability at low speed.Using high-precision grating ruler to achieve higher accuracy and signal stability,our linear motor products meet international safety standards,have higher motion stability,can work continuously and stably for 7*24h,and have a longer service life.

MTF3 linear motor (2)

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