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Magnetic Encoders

The magnetic grid encoder includes a magnetic ruler and a reading head,and the magnetic grid ruler includes a 3M double faced adhesive tape,a stainless steel substrate and a magnetic material,in which the magnetic material is magnetized,the stroke NS alternates the magnetic pole,and the reading head includes a decoding chip and auxiliary circuitry.

Magnetic grid encoder brief introduction

During installation,the reading head is connected to the motor mover through the slider.And the magnetic grid ruler is attached to the fixed base.When the motor mover is in motion.the reading head senses the magnetic field on the magnetic grid ruler.Converts it into an ABZ pulse signal,and transmits it to the driver via a cable.According to the position information provided by the reading head.the driver controls the current of the motor through the power line. so as to accurately control the movement of the motor mover.

SDL Grid Encoder Electrical Characteristics

The output signal of the magnetic grid encoder is an incremental pulse signal in the form of a TTL 5V differential level.Where the A signal or B signal has a period of 4 times the resolution.The period of the Z signal is 1 magnetic pitch,taking 1μm resolution,2mm magnetic gate ruler pitch products as an example,the A or B signal has a period of 4um and a Z signal period of 2mm,After the AB signal is quadrature processed,it obtains a resolution of 4t imes.that is,1μm.The Z signal appears once from the N pole of the grid ruler to the junction of the S pole.and the second time from the junction of the S pole to the N pole.

SDL grid encoder electrical characteristics

SDL Magnetic Grid Encoder Specifications

magnetic grid encoder coding

SDL Magnetic grid encoder selection specificationMagnetic grid encoder selection specification

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