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What Is Linear Motor Application?

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What Is Linear Motor Application?

Linear motor,its structure is very simple. It has a wide range of applications and can meet customers' requirements for automatic application upgrades. For example, new lithium batteries, photovoltaic solar energy, 3C electronics and other automatic production equipment can be used.

linear motor for lithium batterieslinear motor3C linear motor

In order to meet the specific application requirements, the selection of a linear motor must consider many aspects, such as speed, accuracy, thrust, environmental factors, etc. The fastest and most reliable way to determine these requirements is to use the linear motor selection tool for operation. There are a large number of parameters in the database for selection and matching. The selection tool will provide the best solution and customers can choose according to their needs.

MTF linear motor application

MTF Linear Motor is a high performance linear motor with direct drive positioning system. The system consists of a dual-rail, linear motors, encoder feedback and aluminum housing.




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