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Are There Any Restrictions on Ball Screws' Size Or Length?

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Are There Any Restrictions on Ball Screws' Size Or Length?

When it comes to manufacturing ball screws,there are two key factors that determine the range of options available.These factors are the shaft diameter and the total length for each shaft diameter.At our manufacturing facility,we offer a range of shaft diameters from 4mm to 120mmm.


Large Lead Ballscrew with Motor DFU SFU for Wood Cutting machine

ALM large rolled ball screw

micro rolled Ball Screw

ALM micro rolled ball screw

small diameter and large diameter ball screws

ALM large ground ball screw

ALM Ball Screw

ALM mini ground ball screw

It is important to note that the total length for each shaft diameter is limited,and our diameter 4mm~16mm ball screw length limitations are outlined in the table below.These numbers are a general guideline and may vary depending on the end-journal profile and accuracy grade required for the ball Screws.It is essential to consider these limitations as reference numbers when placing an order.

ball screw sieze and length restrictions


Producing ball screws with a long length and small diameter can be challenging due to various factors.One of the main issues that may arise is bending during the heat treatment process.Additionally,critical speed and buckling issues may also occur,especially with longer lengths.Therefore,it is crucial to take extra care when specifying the length of the ball screws to ensure optimal performance and durability.


In conclusion,when considering the manufacturing range for ball screws,it is essential to keep in mind the limitations set by the Shaft diameter and total length.By understanding these factors and working closely with our team, you can ensure that the ball screws meet your specific requirements and deliver outstanding performance in your applications.


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