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China International Industry Fair

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China International Industry Fair

ALM participated in the 23rd China International Industry Fair. At this expo, ALM showed customers a full range of high precision and high quality lead screw and ball screw, which were widely praised.

ALM lead screws can help designers achieve applications that were once considered impossible. For tight space applications requiring precise movement,our lead screw is customizable and lead screw diameter can be 2mm.ALM lead screw comes in a complete range of models to meet all your requirements.We produce the following lead screws:

●Trapezoidal Lead Screws

●ACME Lead Screws

●Metric Lead Screws

●Anti-backlash Nut Lead Screws

●Mini Lead Screws

●Bi-directional Lead Screws


ALM ball screws can achieve over 90% efficiency and zero axial play.custom shaft end machining and ballnut are available up on drawing.We design, produce and supply a complete selection of ball screws including:

●Customized Ball Screws

●Miniature Ground Ball Screws

●Micro Rolled Ball Screws

●Large Ground Ball Screws

●Standard Ball Screws

●Bi-directional Ball Screws




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