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Customer Visit!

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Customer Visit!

We are delighted to welcome customers from India to visit our ball screw and lead screw factory.Customers are particularly interested in our advanced smart processing and testing facilities for ball and lead screws. 

They were highly impressed with our professionalism and adherence to strict standards,from the selection of raw materials to the final packaging.  

ALM lead screw

Lead screw process

lead screw

ALM lead screw

ALM can produce a full range of ball screws, including custom ball screws,miniature rolled ball screws,micro ground ball screws,standard ball screws,and bi-directional ball screws.In addition,we manufacture a variety of lead screws,such as miniature lead screws,anti-backlash nut lead screws, trapezoidal lead screw,triangular thread lead screws,and ACME thread lead screws.

ball screw

Ball screw series

various lead screw

Lead screw series

ALM not only has high quality,but also offers competitive prices,helping our customers reduce costs even more.We also provide excellent technical support and solutions for our clients' projects,and we are proud to have assisted them in achieving their goals.

ball screw and lead screws supplier

ball screw and lead screws manufacturer

Customers appreciated our collaboration and have expressed interest in further collaboration on certain projects.ALM will continue to strive for excellence and provide innovative linear motion solutionsto meet the needs of our customers.

Precision ground ball screw, rolled ball screw, miniature ball screw made in China- ALM (autolinearmotion.com)

Professional manufacturer for complete selection of lead screws - ALM (autolinearmotion.com)




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