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How does ball spline work and what are its advantages?

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How does ball spline work and what are its advantages?

1.How does ball spline work?

Ball splines provide nearly friction-free motion by limiting physical contact to the tangential points of the rolling ball,which guided by raceways within the ball screw threads and nuts.Ball splines then enhance this rotary guidance by adding one or more linear grooves along the axis to facilitate front-to-back motion.These grooves provide low friction linear paths while supporting the transfer of torsional loads.

Ball splines have one or more grooves 

The ball spline has one or more grooves that guide balls to achieve almost friction-free linear or rotary motion.

The result is an efficient mechanical drive device suitable for a variety of axial load transfer and torque transfer applications.The ball spline resists radial displacement caused by torque load,and requires very little force to achieve axial displacement of spline members while transferring torque.This allows them to operate at high speeds under high torsional loads.

2.What are ball spline advantages?

Recapturing space with ball-spline compactness:Integrating linear and rotational motion without ball splines usually requires the installation of separate shafts in a double-stacked,four-bearing architecture built around Cartesian coordinates.This setup takes time to build and test,takes up a lot of space,and may require higher maintenance interactions.Ball splines enable single-axis solutions that provide greater design flexibility and require less space.

Stability:In addition to reducing the number of shafts required,splines increase stability.The solidness of the ball spline provides a cost-effective way to extend vertical travel beyond what a robot might provide.It also supports cantilever architecture and can add anti-rotational guidance.

Enhanced performance:For components with stable compression,ball splines provide the characteristic performance benefits of other ball screw components.The reduced friction results in higher operating speeds,less wear,longer and more predictable life expectancy,less backlash and seizure, and no stick-slip.

Twists and turns:Ball splines are particularly suitable for automated applications that humans might traditionally perform with a wrist twist,such as moving test tubes or opening the lid of a lab scale sample jar.High speed pick and place applications are another common use for ball splines.

Ball splines can be used in applications that twist and move back and forth

Ball splines can be used for twisting and back-and-forth applications,such as picking and placing machines.

Robots can certainly perform many of the same tasks as ball splines,and with greater freedom of movement.Still,if this degree of freedom is not important for applications,then ball splines can provide many other benefits and eliminate the high expense of robots.Ball splines can provide comparable accuracy in a smaller footprint,and move higher loads faster,with more robust mechanical construction,and generally at lower development costs.





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