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How does the linear actuator improve the flexibility of the packaging machine?

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How does the linear actuator improve the flexibility of the packaging machine?

Electric linear actuator utilizing lead screws are becoming the preferred linear drive solution in packaging machines because they offer a leaner,cleaner,and more flexible approach.These linear actuators can be customized for your specific application,designed to meet the market needs of changing product sizes,container shapes,and packaging styles,and they are also fully programmable.Most packaging applications have zero tolerance for error.You can program these linear actuators to provide feedback to the controller to provide fast,continuous validation during encapsulation.

lead screw driven linear actuator

 Lead screw driven linear actuator

The use of lead screw driven linear actuator in packaging systems provides the increased accuracy,precise repeatability and inherent adaptability required for increased productivity by manufacturers of packaged goods.

An electric linear actuator combines a lead screw with an electric motor to generate and control linear motion.They are ideal for packaging applications because both their force and stroke length can be precisely controlled to support fast operating speeds and smooth acceleration and deceleration.

In addition to these performance benefits,the minimal setup times,cleaner operation and enhanced configurability offered by lead screw drive linear actuators enable packaging machine and equipment designers to meet and exceed changing customer requirements.These linear actuators not only ensure that packaging is properly filled and sealed,but also provide a range of adaptable options to support different applications without switching,thus increasing the productivity of the packaging process.


Types of packaging systems using electric linear actuator:

Box/carton packing machine-While box-packaging applications can use some standard components,they also have special requirements that require custom mechanical components.

Filling machines-Whether filling bottles,cups or other types of containers,these systems use a series of nozzles driven by electric linear actuatorst,when fully enclosed,eliminate the risk of contamination in either a linear control mechanism or during the filling process.

Pick and place systems-These machines require multi-axis motion solutions,whether deployed for small or large components.Matched with profile rails and appropriately sized motors,lead screw drive linear actuators can be configured to provide the stiffness essential for these applications.

Labeling System--Every time a label is attached to a product package,an electric linear actuator is used to drive the conveyor(usually of different sizes)that transports the package and engages the label gun mechanism in response to signals from the optical inspection system.The lead screw achieves the precision and speed required to complete labeling while the package remains in motion.


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