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How should the linear motor be maintained?

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How should the linear motor be maintained?

Linear motor is a kind of high precision and high speed motion control equipment,which is widely used in industrial automation,semiconductor manufacturing,optical fiber communication and other fields.In order to ensure the normal operation of the linear motor and extend its life,it is very important to carry out regular maintenance.The following will introduce the maintenance skills of linear motor from the aspects of cleaning,lubrication,fastening,electrical connection,etc.


When the linear motor is running,it will produce dust, oil and other debris,which will affect the heat dissipation of the motor,reduce the operating efficiency,and then affect its life. In order to maintain the normal operation of the linear motor, it should be cleaned regularly.First use a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer to blow off the dust on the motor surface, and then use anhydrous alcohol or professional cleaners to wipe on the motor surface.When cleaning,it should be noted that the motor can not be in the running state, and remove all live parts to avoid the flow of cleaning fluid into the motor.

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The natural friction of linear motor increases with the increase of the frequency of use,and if it is not lubricated, the friction coefficient will become larger,and even affect the operation of the motor.Therefore,regular lubrication is one of the focuses of linear motor maintenance.Lubrication materials should be selected special lubricating oil or grease,lubrication methods include dripping,smearing or soaking lubrication. When lubricating, attention should be paid to the type and use of lubricating materials,lubricating oil or grease should not be too much, otherwise it will block the oil hole or affect the heat dissipation of the motor.

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Linear motor in the work by the vibration and impact is very large,if the fastening screw slack,will make the motor parts loose,and then affect the accuracy and operation efficiency of the motor,and even lead to motor damage.Therefore,regular fastening inspection is an important part of linear motor maintenance.During the inspection process,all the connecting screws should be carefully checked to ensure that they are securely fastened.If the screws need to be replaced,the original screws that meet the specifications should be selected and should not be replaced at will.

Electrical connection

The maintenance of linear motors also includes the inspection and maintenance of electrical connections.During use,the electrical connection of the motor should be regularly checked whether it is in good contact,whether the joint is loose or aging, and if there is any abnormality,it should be replaced or repaired in time.In addition,the dust and dirt inside the electrical control box should be cleaned regularly,and the electrical control cabinet should be kept in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid unexpected electrical failures.

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