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How to choose the best linear motion components for your application?

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How to choose the best linear motion components for your application?

Lead screw

The lead screw uses the helix angle of the thread to convert the turning motion into a linear motion.The large area of sliding contact between male and female thread leads to relatively high friction loss.As a result,the lead screw is less efficient and less accurate than the ball screw.Lead screws offer relatively high load carrying capacity,although usually less than ball screws.A key advantage of lead screws is their low cost--they typically cost one-tenth of the equivalent ball screws.Lead screws are available in a variety of lead sizes,which means that leads can be selected to provide the right balance of positioning accuracy and speed.The lead screw usually produces minimal noise as long as adequate lubrication is maintained.However,they can be difficult to use over long distances because the lead screws usually have no support between the ends.

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Ball screw

A ball screw drive consists of a ball screw and a ballnut with a recirculating bearing that rolls in a groove formed by the ball screw and ballnut.Ball screw distributes the load on a large number of rolling elements,so that it has a high carrying capacity.The use of a large number of precision rollers also provides a high level of accuracy.In addition,ball screws provide low friction levels.This means high mechanical efficiency and lower power requirements.The duty cycle of ball screws is quite high because they produce a relatively low level of frictional heat.However,ball screws tend to be expensive compared to other linear drive technologies,and they need to be kept lubricated to provide a reasonable service life.Finally,ball screws are prone to noise,mainly caused by ball recirculation.

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Linear motor

Linear motors can achieve direct linear motion without any rotation into a linear transmission devices.Advantages of linear motors include high speed,high accuracy and fast response.Limitations of this approach include high cost,large package size,and large heat generation.Linear motors also have a low capacity,similar to that of a direct-drive motor compared to a motor with a gearbox-a direct-drive motor must be significantly larger to achieve the same capacity.

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Rack and pinion

Consists of a circular gear,called a pinion,which engages the teeth of a linear gear,called a rack,to convert rotational motion into linear motion.Rack and pinion are commonly used as linear actuators in a variety of machinery.For example,they are used to move the axes of CNC machine tools such as machining centers.Helical rack provides quieter operation at high speeds and has higher load carrying capacity due to higher tooth contact ratio.Lubrication is very important to ensure the long life of rack and pinion sets.Because the rack and pinion sets have relatively few components,they help save installation time and improve reliability.They provide a high level of accuracy even on long trips.Disadvantages of rack and pinion sets include relatively high friction,which reduces their efficiency,increases power consumption and limits their service life.In addition,rack and pinion drives need to operate with clearance,so clearance can be a major drawback.

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