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How To Choose The Right Bearing?

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How To Choose The Right Bearing?

1) Bearing installation space

Test bearing mounting space dimensions.Considering the rigidity and strength of the bearing,the shaft diameter is generally determined first,that is,the bearing inner diameter.However,the rolling bearing has a variety of size series and types, and the most suitable bearing type should be selected from the washing.

angular contact Bearing

angular contact bearings

deep groove ball bearings

2) Load

Bearing load size,direction and nature,refer to the bearing size table.Bearing load is varied,such as the size of the load,whether only radial load,whether the shaft load is unidirectional or bidirectional,the degree of vibration or shock,and so on.After considering these factors,the most appropriate bearing type is selected.In general,the radial load capacity of bearings with the same inner diameter increases in the following order:alternating roller bearing < deep groove ball bearing < Angle ball bearing < cylindrical roller bearing < circular roller pull bearing < core roller bearing.

3) Speed

The limit speed of the bearing is not only based on the bearing type but also limited to the bearing size,cage type accuracy grade,load conditions and lubrication methods,so these factors must be considered when selecting.The following bearings are mostly used for high-speed rotation:deep groove ball bearings,angular contact ball extraction,cylindrical roller extraction.

4) Rotation accuracy

Bearing types with desired rotation accuracy the dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy of bearings have been standardized by bearing type by GB.Machine tool spindle, gas turbine and control machine respectively require high rotation accuracy, high speed and low friction,then should use more than 5 precision bearings,generally use the following bearings: cross roller bearings,deep groove ball bearings,contact ball bearings,cylindrical roller bearings,cylindrical roller bearings.

5) Rigidity

When bearing the load,the contact part between the rolling element and the raceway will produce elastic deformation.High rigidity means that the amount of deformation of this elastic deformation is small.In the machine tool spindle and automobile deceleration device and other parts,while improving the rigidity of the shaft,it is necessary to improve the rigidity of the bearing.The deformation of roller bearings under load is smaller than that of ball bearings,especially cross roller bearings have very high rigid resistance to overturning moment.The rigidity can be increased by applying preload to the bearing.The method is suitable for cross roller bearings,angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.

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