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How to choose the right linear guide?

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In the case of optimal cost,the linear guide that meets the actual service requirements such as equipment accuracy requirements,load requirements,and life requirements is selected as the appropriate linear guide.

A.Determine the accuracy level of the guide rail according to the equipment accuracy requirements.

The most commonly used are normal,advanced,and precision grades.Generally speaking,linear guides with ordinary precision and advanced precision can meet the requirements of most equipment.The higher the accuracy level of linear guides,the higher the price.

B.Determine the width of the guide rail.

Rail width is one of the key factors to determine rail load.According to the actual load requirements of the working environment,choose the appropriate width of the guide rail.Try to choose the common width of the guide rail to facilitate the update and maintenance of the equipment in the future.Some unconventional models of rails,if they are to be replaced in the future,may face manufacturer discontinuation,and it is difficult to find or there is no replacement product.At present,the most commonly used widths of large guides are 15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm,45mm,55mm,65mm.The widths of the most commonly used miniature guides are 3mm,5mm,7mm,9mm,12mm,15mm.According to experience,when the diameter of the linear guide is equal to or similar to the diameter of the ball screw,it can usually meet the load requirements.If the diameter of the ball screw is 32mm,the linear guide is usually 30 series linear guide.However,the load data in the manufacturer's reference book shall prevail,and the guide size that meets the load requirements shall be selected.

C.Determine the length of the guide rail.

Determine the final length of guide rail according to actual needs.Remember to add the length of the slider.To avoid problems during guide installation,check the distance between the two ends of the guide with the linear guide supplier when determining the guide length.Generally,the maximum length of a single large guide produced by the manufacturer is 4 meters,and the maximum length of a single micro linear guide is about 1 meter.If you need more than the maximum length,you can negotiate with the supplier to have them provide the guide.

D.Select the correct slider and the number of sliders commonly used slider

There are two types:flange type and square type.The assembly height of flange row is lower,but wider,and the assembly height of square slider is higher,but the width is narrower.The two types of sliders are divided into: short,standard and extended(also known by some brands as medium,heavy and super-heavy).The main difference is the length of the slider body(metal part).Of course,the spacing of mounting holes may vary.Most short-type sliders have only 2 mounting holes,and both standard and extended types have 4 mounting holes.The number of sliders shall be calculated and determined by the user according to the actual load demand.If you just need to be guided,that one slider will do.The type and number of sliders and the width of the sliders are the three factors that make up the load size.

E.Confirm the rigidity of guide rail,preload grade and service life of slide block

Usually,the preload affects the service life.The higher the preload,the greater the resistance of the linear guide in the process of operation,the greater the wear of the linear guide,so the service life will be shortened accordingly.However,the higher the preload,the repulsive force between the moving parts will increase the rigidity of the linear guide,so that the accuracy remains stable.The lower the preload,the lower the resistance,the less wear,the longer the service life,but the accuracy will be a little lower.

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