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How to choose the right type of lead screw stepper motor?

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How to choose the right type of lead screw stepper motor?

The linear stepper motor uses unique advanced technology to integrate lead screw pair and stepper motor,and customer does not need to install the coupling when using,which not only saves installation space,but also effectively improves the system assembly efficiency.Stepper motors can be divided into three types according to their structure:externally driven,through shaft and fixed shaft.

●Principle of external drive linear stepper motor

Motion characteristics:external drive type direct stepping line motor,also known as linear motor,linear motor.Fix the nuts on the motor and screw on the system.When used,the lead screw rotates with the motor rotor and pushes the nut forward and backward.

Principle of externally driven linear stepper motor

Application characteristics:It is more like a linear sliding table in structure,and the nut of the motor is like a slider of the sliding table.Compared with the following two structures are more widely used.Processing technology is also the most mature.It is the most demanded stepper motor on the market. Suitable for systems with long journeys.

●Through shaft linear stepper motor principle
Movement characteristics:the nut and motor subset into one,when the motor is fixed,the screw moves before and after through the motor body,when in use,the
lead screw shaft will not rotate,only move back and forth.On the contrary,both ends of the lead screw are fixed,and when the rotor rotates after the motor is powered on,the electric motor moves in a straight line along the lead screw.

Principle of through-shaft linear stepper motor

●Principle of fixed shaft linear stepper motor

Movement characteristics:The front end of the fixed shaft motor has spline anti-screw rotation structure,and the shaft does front and rear telescopic movement.

Application characteristics: Its travel relative to the above two structures of the linear stepper motor is relatively short,in a limited space installation size is larger.The stroke is short,the application range is small,suitable for some applications where it is not possible to provide a nut or screw anti-rotating mechanical device.Compared with the other two structures,the price is higher.

Principle of linear stepper motor with fixed shaft

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