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How to choose your right single axis robot?

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How to choose your right single axis robot?

Firstly,check the single axis robot stroke. We can initially judge whether to use a belt driven linear actuator or ball screw driven linear actuator, because the screw driven actuator is generally not recommended when too long stroke, but the belt module stroke can be very long, ALM current linear module aluminum profile can reach 3500mm long, ball screw driven module load up to 150kg.

P Grade Ball Screw Driven Linear Actuator

Second,confirm the robot loading weight range, the the mechanical arm is vertical placement or horizontal placement or side placement, so that you can determine the robot's body width and other robot accessories.

Third, select the suitable linear robot accessories brand and appearance.

Fourth, be sure to provide 3D drawing before production, and put forward your own ideas in time to avoid unnecessary disputes later.

Fifth, the key point is that the price of the linear module must be reasonable, comprehensive cost, product quality, after-sales to buy the right products.

The next most important work is: linear module manufacturer' after-sales service, technical training, installation, commissioning, fault management and so on.





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