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How to correctly operate the linear module?

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How to correctly operate the linear module?

KK Linear module is a kind of high precision automation products, the more automation of the equipment, the more serious the problem caused by the problem. For precision parts, the slightest mistake may lead to a decrease in accuracy, affecting the normal use. So it's important to remember the correct way to operate the linear module.

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●When we want to operate the working linear module, such as adjusting the fixed piece or sensor, we must power off before operation, otherwise, it may cause harm to our personal safety. Strict compliance with the ALM linear module specification can effectively ensure the good operation of the product.

The motor used by the linear module is a kind of electromagnetic equipment. When we use it in some environment with electromagnetic interference, it is easy to cause unknown mistakes, so we should try to avoid using it in this environment. If linear modules must be used, they must be used correctly in accordance with the specifications to prevent accidents.

Electrical sparks may occur during the operation of linear modules, so we should avoid use in the environment with combustible objects. In addition, we should also pay attention to the matching problem between the current environment and project requirements. If clean production is required, fully enclosed ball screw modules must be used, please consult ALM for more questions.

Pay attention to Z-axis brake in linear module multi-axis combination application. The specific operation depends on the specific project environment. If you need to use multi-axis combination, be sure to consult the ALM engineer for professional technical guidance.

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