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How To Know Whether Lead Screw Can Self-lock?

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How To Know Whether Lead Screw Can Self-lock?

The trapezoidal lead screw with a screw lift angle less than 5°has self-locking performance,after the lead screw is run to a certain position,the load can be maintained without the aid of brakes and other holding devices.Self-lock lead screw provides a higher safety factor when the motor stalls.And provides more selection schemes for designers in terms of functions.

Lead screw self-locking calculation formula

Because of the thread profile characteristics of trapezoidal lead screw,so the spiral angle ⋋ of different specifications screw is not the same,and the equivalent friction coefficient fv between screw nuts of different materials is also different.Then apply a positive pressure F to the nut at the rated load,leadscrew and nut cannot slip when the helix angle ⋋ is less than the equivalent friction angle R,this condition called self-locking of screw.

self-Lock Lead Screw

●Common vertical self-locking lead screw models

Diameter Lead(mm) Pitch(mm) Starts


T3.5*1.292 1.292 1
T3.5*0.6096 0.6096 1
T4 T4*1 1 1
T5 T5*1 1 1
T5*2 2 1
T6 T6*1 1 1
T8 T8*1 1 1
T8*1.5 1.5 1
T8*2 2 1
T10 T10*2 2 1
T12 T12*2 2 1
T12*3 3 1
T14 T14*3 3 1
T20 T20*4 4 1
T20*5 5 1
T22 T22*4 4 1

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