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How to lubricate your ball screws?

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How to lubricate your ball screws?

Correct lubrication is Vital to Ball Screw Life.

Adequate lubrication must be provided when ball screw is used, insufficient lubrication will result in collision of metal, which leads to increase of friction and detrition, thus cause failure or shortening the service life.

Lubricants applied to ball screws can be divided into 2 types, namely lubricating oil and consistent grease. 

In general speaking, in respect of maintenance, consistent grease will lead to increase of dynamic friction torque linearly along with increase of rotating speed, hence oil lubrication is deemed the better way when speed exceeds 3-5 m/min.

However, don't forget the fact that there have been examples that using grease has been capable of achieving speed of 10 m/min, with respect to the equipment.

In terms of equipments, there are some cheaper lubricant that can be used. In general, to fully utilize the function of ball screw, lubricating oil of 5m/minute is the best option to choose.

ball screw service life

In above table,we provide the standard of lubricating oil inspection and supplement interval. Before replenishing, please clean up the previous grease to continue.




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