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How to maintain ball screws?

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How to maintain ball screws?

The ball screw is a screw transmission component between the screw and the nut with a steel ball as a rolling body.It can change rotational motion into linear motion,or linear motion into rotational motion.Therefore,the ball screw is not only the transmission element,but also the reciprocal transformation element of linear motion and rotational motion.The daily maintenance methods of ball screw are as follows:

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1.Elimination of axial clearance.After the ball screw is disassembled,the axial clearance must be eliminated in order to ensure reverse transmission accuracy and axial stiffness.The clearance elimination method of double-nut ball screw is as follows:by using the relative axial displacement of the two nuts,the ball in the two ball nuts are respectively attached to the two opposite sides of the thread raceway.When using this method to eliminate the axial clearance,it should be noted that the preloading force should not be too large,otherwise it will increase the no-load torque,thus reducing the transmission efficiency.

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2.Lubrication of ball screw.Lubricated with grease and lubricating oil.Grease is generally added to the screw raceway and the housing space of the mounting nut,and the lubricating oil is injected into the space of the nut through the oil hole in the housing.The grease on the ball screw should be replaced once every six months,the old grease on the screw should be cleaned and the new grease should be coated.The ball screw lubricated with lubricating oil can be refueled once before each machine works.

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3.Protection of ball screw.Ball screw should avoid dust or chips,such as spiral spring steel belt sleeve,telescopic sleeve or folding sleeve.During installation,connect one end of the protective cover to the end of the ball nut and fix the other end to the supporting seat of the ball screw.If the ball screw is in a concealed position,the sealing ring can be used to protect it,and the sealing ring can be installed at both ends of the nut.The contact sealing ring has a good dust-proof effect,but the friction torque increases slightly due to the contact pressure.No contact seal can avoid friction torque,but the dust-proof effect is slightly poor.

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4.Check the bearing regularly.It should be regularly checked whether the ball screw support is loose and connected to the equipment and whether the support bearing is damaged.If there is a problem,tighten the loose part and replace the bearing in time.

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