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​How to maintain linear actuators for solar tracking systems?

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​How to maintain linear actuators for solar tracking systems?

Linear actuators for the solar industry can achieve controlled motion of solar panels,including tilting panels on a single axis or a double axis.


linear actuators for solar tracking systemsSolar Linear Actuator

Linear actuator in a solar thermal power plant

①Linear actuator ②Plain bearing ③Bearing components for slewing gear

Linear actuators operate throughout the year under harsh environmental conditions,such as high temperature and humidity,heavy dust or pressure.Due to its high frequency of use and harsh working environment,regular maintenance must be paid attention to in daily use to extend the service life of the solar linear actuator.


12 volt linear actuators High quality stable electric linear actuator for industrial automation (1)

ALM super quality linear actuator

●Inspect and maintain

After using the linear actuator of the solar tracker for a long time,it should be checked regularly.If damage or corrosion is found,repair it in time.If it cannot be repaired,new parts are needed.

●Oil Lubrication

Although the solar electric linear actuator is a kind of high-tech electrical equipment,the friction resistance will increase due to the loss of time during use.It needs to be lubricated regularly to reduce drag and enable it to work and operate at high efficiency.Don't wait until the damage is severe to oilling.This will increase the carrying capacity of the solar electric linear actuator,thus damaging the life of the internal components.

●Wash and wipe

Even with the best quality linear actuators,dust scattered on them will slowly seep into the linear actuators under prolonged erosion in harsh environments.Cumulative erosion will seriously affect the normal use of the solar electric linear actuator and create resistance,so it is necessary to periodically remove the ash,and then clean with a clean rag.


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