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How to maintain linear module stage?

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How to maintain linear module stage?

Linear module as a precision automation accessories,do regular cleaning and maintenance work,can ensure the accuracy of operation,stability and service life,as well as improve production efficiency.Specific measures include the following two points:

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●Do a good job of dust and pollution prevention measures to eliminate or reduce pollution from the source.

Under normal circumstances, if the working environment has dust, floating pollutants, etc., the fully enclosed module is the best choice. If you can only use the semi-closed type because of operation or design reasons, you can install devices such as organ dust cover or choose to operate in a cleaner place.

Lead Screw driven Linear Guide sliding table Linear Module

Regular cleaning and lubrication maintenance.

1.The module is placed on a flat and clean table surface, and the outside of the module is gently wiped with a small amount of alcohol or detergent with a relatively soft cotton cloth. It is appropriate to handle the module gently and clean the outside once a week.

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2.The guide rail which plays the guiding and load-bearing role as the core part of the module,in order to maintain its accuracy,stability and efficiency,it also needs to be cleaned regularly,and then add a small amount of lubrication grease lubrication,which can reduce friction, vibration and deformation caused by heat to a certain extent,including the screw,the frequency of lubrication once a month is appropriate.The lubricating oil can be a common brand in the market,or it can be provided by the module slide manufacturer,and the viscosity is recommended to be 30~40CST.


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