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How to maintain the slide linear module?

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How to maintain the slide linear module?

When the linear module is not used for a long time,if it is not carefully maintained,it will cause a decrease in accuracy and speed,shorten the service life or other corrosion,rust and other failures. Routine maintenance includes the following aspects:

Linear stage

1.Power on regularly
In the plum rain season or in an environment with high relative humidity,power should be regularly applied to the slide module. When the motor is not running,that is,when the machine is locked,it is idled, and the heating principle of the electrical components is applied to discharge the moisture in the slide module to ensure the stability and reliability of its performance. In addition, the conventional power supply can ensure the charging needs of the backup battery to ensure that the module surface is clean and tidy, but it is necessary to check the battery voltage frequently, if it is too low, it needs to be replaced immediately to avoid data loss caused by power outage.

ALM Linear stage

2.Oil maintenance
Regularly use anti-rust oil and lubricating oil to maintain the
ball screw of the linear sliding table module to prevent rust or corrosion and whether there is dust and impurities on the surface to clean up in time to avoid failure during use.

3.Closed protection
If the motor matched with the sliding table module is a DC motor,when the DC motor is disabled,the brush should be removed from the DC motor and closed protective measures should be used to prevent chemical corrosion from damaging the commutator,thereby reducing the performance of the commutator,and even reducing the performance of the entire commutator,resulting in the sliding table module not working normally.

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