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How To Prevent Ball Screw Reverse Transmission?

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How To Prevent Ball Screw Reverse Transmission?

Because there are many balls rolling between ball screw shaft and ballnut,higher movement efficiency can be obtained.The transmission efficiency of ball screw is 2 to 4 times that of ordinary trapezoidal lead screw.If the ball screw without prepressure is placed vertically,the ball nut will fall off due to its own weight.The following is the specific method to prevent ball screw reverse transmission:

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(1)The servo motor or stepper motor that can not be reverse-driven is used,but the reverse rotor torque of the motor must be greater than the inertia torque of the transmission part.

(2)Use electromagnetic or mechanical brakes,or one-way greater than the clutch.

(3) The worm reducer can not be reversed.

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