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How to select the preload level of TBI ball spline?

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How to select the preload level of TBI ball spline?

The preload of the ball spline has a great impact on accuracy,load resistance and rigidity,so the appropriate clearance(preload)needs to be selected according to the use.The clearance values of each type have been normalized so that appropriate selection can be made according to the conditions of use.

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Preload is the load applied to the ball in advance for the purpose of eliminating the clearance in the rotation direction and improving the rigidity.When preloading is applied,the ball spline can increase rigidity by eliminating the rotation clearance depending on the strength of the preload.Compared with no preload,the displacement of the same torque becomes half,and the rigidity is more than 2 times.

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The choice of directional clearance of ball spline has great influence on the accuracy or rigidity of the spline outer cylinder.Therefore,it is important to choose the appropriate clearance according to the use.In general,preloaded products are used.In the case of repeated selection motion or round-trip linear motion,there will be a lot of vibration impact,so the application of preloading,will significantly improve the life and accuracy.

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Selection basis for directional clearance of ball spline:

●Zero preload P0:The service condition is;Where you want to drive smoothly with a small force,torque is always applied in a certain direction.Applicatiomn:All kinds of meter,automatic gun round machine,power meter,winding machine,automatic welding machine,automatic packaging machine,shape measuring machine,etc.

Light preload P1:Conditions of use; Where the cantilever load or moment action is borne,where high precision is required to be repeated,where there is an alternating load action.Application:Industrial robot rocker arm,all kinds of automatic loading and unloading machinery,automatic coating guide shaft,electric discharge processing machine spindle,stamping die guide shaft, drilling machine spindle,etc.

Medium preload P2:Service conditions:Need high rigidity,easy to produce vibration impact place,with a spline outer cylinder torque place.Application:Construction of vehicle steering control shaft,welding shaft,automatic dial tool table indexing shaft.



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