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In practical application, ball screw after high-speed will encounter what problem?

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Ball screw strength and stiffness. Only to meet the acceleration and deceleration characteristics of the ball screw, high-speed ball screw linear movement is meaningful, in this case, ball screw often subject to great impact, otherwise it will affect the processing accuracy. Therefore, for the high-speed ball screw, not only the reasonable structural design, but also the reasonable arrangement of processing technology in the manufacturing process, to eliminate the internal stress, thus improving the bearing capacity and stiffness of the ball screw, meet the requirements of high-speed drive.


ball screw fever. After high-speed ball screw, temperature rise is an unavoidable problem. The method to reduce the ball screw temperature rise is to reduce its heating or increase heat dissipation. It is a common forced cooling method to use hollow ball screw for forced cooling to increase heat dissipation.


The strength and stiffness of high speed ball screw can be calculated theoretically, and can be solved by increasing the design size. However, the ball screw heat is inevitable, it is necessary to understand the source of heat through theoretical analysis and heat dissipation methods, so that according to actual conditions to find solutions to temperature rise and inhibit thermal displacement.




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