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Lead Screw for Motor Rotor: Raised Spline VS Knurl

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Lead Screw for Motor Rotor: Raised Spline VS Knurl

For linear stepper motor,precision lead screws are widely used.As to shaft end machining,two processes are commonly applied.One is to make raised spline.And another is Knurl processing.So Raised spline VS Knurl;what’s the difference between them?

Raised spline

Raised spline is to process a certain shape and depth of concave and convex lines on the lead screw,usually in the following two ways:


The first way is to make raised spline on the lead screw directly and the raised spline line is parallel to the lead screw (as shown in the figure below),but under this way the lead screw surface is rough,the accuracy is low,and the appearance looks not beautiful.


raised spline Lead Screw - 副本 


Another way is to use adhesive to attach the lead screw to a brass sleeve,then make raised spline on the brass sleeve. The raised spline line is perpendicular to the lead screw.However,the adhesive is easy to fall and unstable over time.This can result in a decrease in performance and accuracy of the lead screw.


raised spline Lead Screws 


The Knurl process can make a uniform pattern on the lead screw.This process creates a one-piece design that is more stable and reliable.The knurled process ensures high performance and accuracy of the lead screw and motor.So Knurl process is becoming more and more popular.

ALM Knurl Lead Screw 


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