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Lead screw nut material:POM VS Nylon

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Lead screw nut material:POM VS Nylon

Polyacetal or polyformaldehyde(POM)is marketed as a technical plastic.The term technical plastic refers to a plastic material that is well suited to a particular application because of its properties.Certain technical plastics have been chemically modified to achieve desired properties,so that the product is not only suitable for its specific application,but also easy to process. A good example of a technical plastic is polyacetal or polyformaldehyde(POM).

Nylon nut lead screw

Pa-polyamide(PA)plastics are often referred to as nylon.PA plastics are one of the most important and useful plastics,thanks to their excellent wear resistance,very good temperature and impact properties and good coefficient of friction.They also have low density,high thermal stability and very good chemical resistance.Nylon is a particularly oil-resistant plastic,making it ideal as an alternative to metal in automotive parts,industrial valves,and other industrial applications that require high strength,toughness,and lightweight.Nylon does have a tendency to absorb water,making it less dimensional stable than other engineering plastics.

POM but lead screw

Polyformaldehyde or polyformaldehyde(POM)was first recognized for its hardness,especially in comparison to nylon,which is very similar to POM in its respects.If you are looking for dimensional stability,POM is preferable to nylon.It's also much easier to process.In heavy duty applications,on the other hand,nylon has better wear resistance.Due to its low coefficient of friction and robust property/shape retention characteristics,POMs are commonly used in parts including gears and pulleys,but are also used in POM sliding bearings and POM sliding plates.POM can often be used as a good substitute for nylon.


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