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Linear Motor Application in 3C industry

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Linear Motor Application in 3C industry

The 3C industry refers to the information home appliance industry that integrates computers, communication and consumer electronics. The 3C industry covers a wide range of fields, including notebook computers, various computer hardware and peripheral devices, etc. Communication products include wireless communication equipment, user terminal equipment, switching equipment, transmission equipment , In recent years to mobile phone and telecommunications industry. There are various kinds of consumer electronics, such as digital camera, PDA, electronic dictionary, video and audio entertainment equipment, intelligent wearable devices, AR/VR device terminals, entertainment robots, consumer drones, smart home and so on.

magnetic free track linear motor

3C products vary widely, the process is complex, and the whole industrial chain is huge. The whole industry chain can be divided into three main links, namely parts processing in the front section, module assembly in the middle section and whole machine assembly in the back section. At the same time, each link involves the detection of corresponding products. Among them, front part manufacturing and middle module assembly require more equipment.

Typical Application Case:

1)Flying needle testing machine - PCB performance testing. The linear motor moves the probe module and camera.

flying needle testing machine

2) SMT chip mounter

The moving mounting head of the linear motor accurately places surface mounting components on the PCB pad.

SMT chip mounter

3)FOG/COG binding machine

FOG bonds flexible circuit boards directly to electrodes at the edge of liquid crystal glass. COG is an IC chip that is precisely located and bound to the LCD glass. The linear motor realizes the fast movement and accurate positioning of materials in the equipment.

4)LCD/FPD inspection machine

The bottom mechanical structure can be built by linear motor according to testing requirements. Like these mechanical platforms.

X Y platform

XY platform with double drive gantry structure





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