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Principle and characteristics of ball screw

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Principle and characteristics of ball screw


ball screwBall screw is used to convert rotating motion into linear motion; or an actuator that converts linear motion into rotational motion.It has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency and accurate positioning.When the ball screw is used as the driving body,the ballnut will transform into linear motion according to the rotation angle of the ball screw with the lead of the corresponding specification.The passive workpiece is connected with the ball nut holder to realize the corresponding linear motion.


ball screwHigh efficiency

Compared to the sliding lead screw pair, the drive torque of the ball screw is 1/3,and there is a lot of ball rolling between the ball screw shaft and the ball screw nut, so we can get higher motion efficiency.Compared with the past sliding lead screw pair, its driving torque is less than 1/3, that is, the power required to achieve the same motion result is 1/3 of the rolling lead screw pair. It's great for saving electricity.

ball screwHigh precision

Ball screw adopts the world's highest level of mechanical equipment manufactured in Japan for continuous production,especially in the grinding,assembly,inspection of each process in the factory environment,the temperature and humidity will be affected. Strict control,perfect quality management system, so that the accuracy is fully guaranteed. 

ball screwMicrofeed is available

Because the ball screw adopts ball movement, the starting torque is very small, there will be no sliding and wriggle phenomenon, which can ensure the precision of micro-feed.

ball screwZero backlash and high rigidity

The ball screw can be preload and due to preload,the axial play can be negative,thus obtaining higher rigidity (by tightening the ball in the ball screw in actual use) mechanical devices,etc.,due to the repulsive force of the ball can make the nut part rigid.Enhanced).

ball screwHigh-speed feed ball screw can realize high-speed feed(movement)because of its high motion efficiency and low heat.


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