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The difference between a regular printer and a 3D printer

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The difference between a regular printer and a 3D printer

The biggest difference between a regular printer and a 3D printer is supplies

Different, the supplies of ordinary printers are made up of traditional ink and paper, while 3D printers are mainly made up of

Engineering plastics, resins or gypsum powders, all of which are specially treated, but

Different technologies and materials are respectively molding speed and model strength, as well as resolution, model testability, details

Accuracy is very different, the user needs to choose according to the actual use.

Optical curing printers use light to cure raw materials into the required graphics, and the general fDM thermal accumulation method, through heating consumables, the material is printed layer by layer with a nozzle model. The difference between the two is that the price is: light curing equipment is more expensive, raw materials are more expensive than FDM, optical curing accuracy than ordinary FDM printers are much higher, light curing finished layer is not obvious, the surface is much smoother. Good words must be good light curing, is expensive, and generallight curing raw materials will be toxic. Please know

Printing is not the same as the use of consumables, one is civilian is an industrial-grade 3D printer, the creation of 3D production desktop-grade 3D printers mainly.

A 3D printer, also known as a 3D printer (3DP), is a cumulative manufacturing technology, a machine for rapid forming technology, which is a digital model document based on the use of special wax materials, powdered metals or plastics such as adhesive materials, by printing a layer of adhesive material to create 3D objects. At this stage, 3D printers are used to make products. Layer-by-layer printing techniques for constructing objects. The principle of a 3D printer is to put data and raw materials into a 3D printer, and the machine will follow the procedure to make the product layer by layer.

UV printer with UV ink can be printed on a variety of materials 3D, 4D, 5D, relief and other patterns, as long as you can enter the computer pattern, UV printer can print; UV printer printed 3D pattern, according to the color layer, the production of a visual 3D three-dimensional painting sense; Paint and other flat and coil market. If you need uv printing technology equipment can consider Toshiba uv printer, it uses a very cost-effective industrial Toshiba nozzle, ink point 5PL, printing speed is 2 times faster than Epson, printing accuracy than Ricoh G5 is higher, the service life of 24 months to 36 months. There is also a 2-year warranty. This determines whether the cost of the printer increases in the future use.

The difference between uv printers and 3D printers is mainly due to two points:

1, different kinds, uv printer is a printing equipment, 3d printer is an upgrade of injection molding machine.

2, different applications, uv printer sprinting on the surface of various materials 3d relief three-dimensional pattern, 3d printer is through injection stacking to make a model.




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