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Ultra Miniature Lead Screws for Compact Application Designs

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Ultra Miniature Lead Screws for Compact Application Designs

The increasing need for miniaturization and precision in various industries has driven the development of mini lead screw products.ALM's latest release of ultra-miniature diameter 1mm~2mm lead screws and nuts represents a significant expansion from the existing 3mm to 12mm range,catering to the growing demand for compact and precise linear motion solutions.This enables designers to achieve small-scale designs that were once considered impossible.

Benefits of ultra-miniature lead screw

(1)Precision and Repeatability:ALM's miniature lead screws offer incredible accuracy and repeatability,making them perfect for precise control of linear motion in tight spaces.


(2)Compact Design Flexibility:The small size of micro lead screws allows for intricate and space-saving designs,opening up possibilities for miniaturized products and systems.


(3)Customization and Adaptability:As a professional lead screws manufacturer,we offer various customization options for mini lead screws to meet specific application requirements,enhancing their versatility.

Ultra micro lead screw application case

ALM micro Leadscrews are widely used in precision medical equipment,drones,consumer electronics,automotive and other industrial fields.For instance,the demand for smaller and more efficient consumer electronics has led to the integration of miniature lead screws in applications such as compact cameras,smartphones,and wearable devices.This enhances their functionality and performance.

This video showcases the application of ALM ultra-miniature 1.78mm diameter lead screw in mobile phone lenses. The positioning accuracy error can be within 0.01 mm.

The following services are available at ALM

(1) Custom surface treatments include PTFE,black chrome,Molybdenum disulfide,tungsten disulfide,and so on.

(2) The design of the lead screw and nut can be customized.

(3) Both standard and anti-backlash lead nuts are available.

(4) Various materials for the lead screw and nut are offered.

(5) The lead screws undergo 100% inspection before shipping.

(6) Fast delivery is guaranteed within 10 days.

(7) A variety of screw thread types are available,including ACME screws,metric screws,trapezoid screws,bidirectional threads. Contact us for more info.




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