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What are 12 volt linear actuators?

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What are 12 volt linear actuators?

12 volt linear actuators include a 12 volt DC motor integrated into or tightly coupled to the actuator body.12 volt linear actuators are driven almost entirely by one of two mechanisms-ball screws or lead screws.Most designs include gears or use gear motors to optimize the actuator's thrust and speed characteristics.The most basic designs include limit switches at both ends of the stroke,which means the actuator is fully extended and retracted,with no intermediate positioning.However,most manufacturers offer programmable limit switches as an option to allow for intermediate positioning capabilities.


12 volt linear actuators can be driven by ball screw or lead screw. 

12 volt linear actuators can be driven by ball screw or lead screw.

Since these electric rod actuators are typically used to replace hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders,some of their basic design features follow precedents set by other technologies.Mounting is a good example.12 volt linear actuators are typically mounted in the same manner as pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders,with most featuring clevis and trunnion mounting options.In some 12-volt linear actuator product lines,you will find body sizes and mounting options that comply with ISO,NFPA and other standards,making it easier to convert from pneumatic or hydraulic to electric actuators in existing applications.

The sizing and selection of a 12 volt linear actuator is fairly easy as the motor is pre-selected and integrated into the actuator.The first parameter to consider is usually thrust,as it will usually determine the overall size of the actuator.Next is the stroke length,as smaller actuators may meet the thrust requirements but may not achieve the necessary stroke length.

As with slider type linear actuators,rod actuators driven by ball screws or lead screw can be driven in reverse.When the application requires vertical operation,remember to check that the vertical load does not exceed the reverse drive torque of the lead screwn and ball screw.

Speed and duty cycle requirements can be checked by initial actuator selection based on thrust and stroke.Allowable force and speed combinations are usually provided by the manufacturer in the form of performance curves or charts.Once it is confirmed that all other parameters are within the actuator's capability,it is important to check the required duty cycle or "on time" as motor heat can be a limiting factor in actuator performance.

12 volt linear actuators can be used to open and close sliding doors in applications such as rail cars and machining centers.In the medical industry,12-volt actuators are often used for ergonomic positioning of tables or patient beds.In conveying operations,these actuators are often used to stop or transfer product along a conveyor as required by the process.Because the rod actuators are fully enclosed and IP rated or hygienic in design,they are well suited for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage markets where pure thrust operations such as insertion,labeling or stamping are typical.


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