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What are the advantages of ACME lead screw with PTFE coating?

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What are the advantages of ACME lead screw with PTFE coating?

●Low coefficient of friction:In terms of friction coefficient,the PTFE coated lead screw has a static coefficient of 0.15,which helps to extend the life of the lead screw assembly and product.Acme lead screws are increasingly becoming the standard for product developers and engineers because they are more efficient than competing technologies such as ball screws.Using PTFE coated screws can only help reduce this level of friction and improve efficiency.

PTFE lead screw 

ALM Low Friction PTFE Coated ACME Lead Screw

Non-stick surfaces:You've probably heard of PTFE forpots and pans.Because its non-stick properties reduce the need for fats and oils in food preparation.Many industries,such as medical device manufacturing,also benefit from the reduction/elimination of traditional oils and greases.PTFE is a dry lubricant that is non-reactive,making it ideal for medical and other chemically sensitive applications.This helps reduce friction,wear and energy consumption.What's more,these non-stick properties make the lead screw assembly easy to clean and maintain.


 PTFE forpots and pans.

Non-stick Properties Of PTFE

Heat resistance:Another advantage of PTFE is its temperature resistance.ALM brand PTFE can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit -- meaning it's ideal for extreme heat applications.

ALM PTFE coating lead screw 

ALM Heat Resistance PTFE Coated ACME Lead Screw

Chemical resistance:PTFE coated screws are considered to have "excellent" chemical resistance,making them ideal for applications where chemical reactions occur frequently.

Common lead screw VS PTFE coated lead screws

Common ACME Lead Screw VS PTFE Coated ACME Lead Screw

Durability:The wear resistance of PTFE was rated as"excellent".These tough,durable properties are mainly due to the PTFE coating combined with other suitable resins to form dry screw lubrication on the components.The film components cure during curing,retaining the fluoropolymer properties(i.e.non-stick).All this increases the efficiency of the lead screw assembly.

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