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What are the advantages of linear modules used in laser marking equipment?

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What are the advantages of linear modules used in laser marking equipment?

When it comes to laser equipment (technology),whether it is laser cutting, laser welding or laser marking,there have been cases of introducing linear modules as driving devices. Linear modules are widely used in laser equipment as driving devices because of their simple structure,high speed and high acceleration, high positioning accuracy,high stability and other characteristics.

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Laser marking is a method by which the laser beam irradiates the surface of the object to vaporize the surface and leave a mark, which is a chemical reaction and generally does not change with the change of temperature,time and environment,so the mark is clear and the maintenance time is long.In general,laser marking can be a variety of metal, non-metallic materials marking,such as: gold,silver,copper, iron,plastic,leather,glass and so on. And the laser marking machine is a non-contact processing mode,which will not damage the workpiece itself.


The laser marking machine supported by the linear module enables fast, accurate positioning and stable operation. The high speed and high positioning accuracy are largely brought about by the high-precision positioning of the linear module. We only need to use the drawing software to draw the pattern on the computer, and we can achieve one-click printing, giving us a rich pattern of laser marking.

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The laser marking machine is formed once, the marking speed is fast and the energy consumption is small, so the operating cost is low.The rigidity, accuracy, speed and load of the linear module can reach relatively large values, according to the different materials used, the accuracy and the stability of the load have been greatly improved, and the general use of aluminum alloy profiles, reliable and long life. Among them, the fully enclosed module with stainless steel dust proof structure is more dustproof and splash proof, which is used in a variety of clean spaces. In addition, the linear module model is complete, which can meet the different needs of many customers and is widely used.

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