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What are the advantages of linear modules used in machine tools?

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What are the advantages of linear modules used in machine tools?

In recent years,the production and manufacturing of China,the"world's factory",has not only been limited to the production of Low added value goods such as agriculture and light industry,but also high added value manufacturing such as semiconductors and mobile communications,which is shifting from foreign countries to China,driving the demand for high-end equipment such as CNC machine tools.After rapid development,the huge demand also led to the development of additional equipment industry linear modules,in the mechanical equipment industry application above a large number of industrial upgrades.With the popularization of the linear module,its application is becoming more and more extensive.Linear modules produced for use in a large number of equipment have obvious advantages.

KK linear modules

Advantages of linear module

1.Corrosion resistance:the base and sliding seat can choose aluminum alloy surface after high temperature corrosion resistance and wear resistance of aluminum alloy corrosion passivation treatment in addition to the selection of stainless steel stainless steel linear guide,installation screws are also all using special treatment of electroplated nickel material,so it has full corrosion resistance.

P Grade Ball Screw Driven Linear Actuator

2.Lightweight and high rigidity:the base made of extruded aluminum alloy material is combined with the linear guide to achieve lightweight and high rigidity.High rigidity,high precision,low price,small volume,light weight aluminum alloy structure,modularized design,the slider move after anode place into the linear guide and base,base with sliding table,realized the high rigidity and load capacity,load to load variation is small,used to match the quality or changes in the external load utility can still maintain a high stability.

3.Component standardization:to achieve the standardization of pneumatic equipment module components.In moving,transmission,conveying and other operations,horizontal direction and vertical direction can be used.Pneumatic working linear module can replace the cylinder and low price,long life,easy maintenance.





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