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What are the advantages of linear modules using HIWIN linear guides?

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What are the advantages of linear modules using HIWIN linear guides?

Linear module as a transmission mode not only to have precision repeated positioning ability, but also need stable linear motion performance, in addition to the ball screw and end support, linear guide for linear module to achieve stable linear motion is crucial, as a rolling guidance of precision transmission device, in the design is very strict requirements. The use of high-quality silver linear guide rails has a better improvement of the efficiency of the entire production.What are the characteristics of the application of the linear guide rail in the ball screw linear module and what are the differences? Below we introduce it from three aspects.


The first aspect is that it has high rigidity in all directions, to achieve such characteristics, the use of four columns of circular grooving, with four columns of steel balls and other 45 degrees of contact angle, so that the steel ball to achieve the ideal two-point contact structure purpose can withstand the load from up and down left and right directions, and then if necessary by applying prepressure to improve the rigidity.

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The second aspect is the automatic aligning ability. At the time of installation, the elastic deformation of the steel ball of the slide block and the transfer of the contact point can be absorbed inside the rail slide block even if there is a deviation in the installation surface during the installation process, and the automatic aligning ability can be generated to obtain a high-precision and stable smooth movement.

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The third aspect is to increase the accuracy of the interchangeability feature, the size of the guide ensures that it is maintained within a certain level, and the specially designed retainer protects the slide to prevent the steel ball from falling off, thus increasing the accuracy in the linear guide part series with interchangeability characteristics.

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