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What are the advantages of linear motor used in dispensing machine?

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Industry :3C industry

Equipment name: automatic camera dispensing machine

Industry application: camera, flat motor dispensing process application

Use environment: room temperature workshop

Configuration description:MHT series linear motor,RENISHAW encoder, THK guide rail,SERVOTRONIX driver.

Features of the scheme:The linear motor structure is used to achieve short-distance high-acceleration interpolation displacement,fast speed,high precision,and overall improve the production efficiency of the equipment;The modular design of this structure can also expand other process applications to achieve flexible production.

Linear motor for dispense machine

The advantages of the linear motor phase used in the dispensing machine are as follows

First: simple structure. Simple structure, light weight, small size, no need to turn the rotating motion into a linear motion of the additional device;

Second: high positioning accuracy. In the dispensing machine, the linear motor can achieve direct transmission, which can eliminate various positioning errors caused by the intermediate link, so the positioning accuracy is relatively high, such as the use of microcomputer control, it can also greatly improve the positioning accuracy of the entire system;

Third: the reaction speed is fast, the sensitivity is high, the followability is good. The linear motor is easy to make its actuator supported by magnetic levitation, so that the actuator and the stator always maintain a certain air gap without contact, which eliminates the contact friction resistance between the fixed and the actuator, thus greatly improving the sensitivity, rapidity and follow-up of the system;

Fourth: safe and reliable work, long life. The characteristics of non-contact transmission force of linear motor make the mechanical friction loss almost zero, less fault, safe and reliable work and long life.

Most dispensers on the market now use screw to move, drive the screw to rotate through the motor,and then further drive the dispensing machine dispensing mechanism to move to the required position, such a transmission mode is the use of screw thread and the corresponding thread connection part of the dispensing mechanism, because the dispensing machine needs to move back and forth when working at high speed, so the friction between the transmission parts is very intense, With the accumulation of time, it will wear the screw or the tooth surface of the gear, so that the dispensing machine will shake in the work, affecting the dispensing accuracy, and the service life of the whole machine will also be affected.

The double-axis linear motor platform is used in the high precision linear motor dispensing machine, and the linear motor platform is coreless linear motor with no coreless force, high precision and large thrust, small reasoning fluctuation and small speed fluctuation. Y linear motor platform module adopts high strength aluminum alloy extruded profile, hollow design, quality



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