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What are the basic structure and classification of linear bearings?

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What are the basic structure and classification of linear bearings?

●The basic structure of linear bearings

(1) Standard
The shape surface of the standard
linear bearing is a high-precision cylindrical surface, and has a high coaxiality with the linear bearing, which can be directly installed in the bearing, and is fixed at both ends with a stop ring or gland, which is simple and convenient to install and has a wide range of applications.

(2) Gap type
The clearance type bearing is the same size as the standard type bearing, and can be installed on the bearing seat with adjustable inner diameter due to the axial groove of the jacket, so that it is easy to adjust the clearance between the bearing and the shaft. This form of bearing can be adjusted to obtain a small radial clearance.

(3) Open mouth
The outer ring of the open-mouth bearing has an opening equal to the width of a row of steel ball circuits, and this bearing can be used in cases where the shaft has been fixed to a support rod or support to prevent the shaft from bending. The clearance of this bearing is also easy to adjust.

Linear Bearing

Classification of linear bearings

(1)Standard type,clearance adjustment type linear bearings,open type linear bearings,elongated linear bearings, universal linear bearings

(2)Flanged linear bearings can be divided into: round flange type, method LAN type, oval flange type, guide round flange type, guide method LAN type, guide oval flange type, lengthened round flange type.

linear bearing balls

According to the specification system:
Divided into two series namely LM and LME series. Its codename LM series is used in Asia, Southeast Asian countries, Japan, South Korea, China, etc.

With metric size as the standard,the external diameter tolerance of the matched linear spindle is generally h7. The LME series is mostly used in Europe,the United States,Germany,Italy and other regions.In the British size as the standard, there are also metric sizes,with a straight spindle outside diameter tolerance is generally g6. The structure characteristics of the two series are roughly the same except for different sizes and different aperture tolerances.

By shape:
1:straight cylinder type (shaped like a cylinder, generally installed with a circlip, for installation of small size occasions)
2:flange type (there is a mounting flange at the end or in the middle, which can be installed with screws, and the flange is generally divided into three types: round,square and cut edge)
3:open mouth type(shape such as a straight cylinder, the appearance has axial slit, for occasions requiring clearance adjustment, divided into large opening and small opening 2 kinds)

linear bearing rail

By performance:
1:Common type(use for general performance requirements)
2:Super type(long life and large load performance requirements)

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