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What are the characteristics of precision rack?

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What are the characteristics of precision rack?

Precision rack is a special gear distributed in the shape of the rack.The rack is also divided into straight rack and helical rack,which are paired with straight garden column gear and helical cylindrical gear respectively.The outline of the rack is direct,rather than gradual(flat for the tooth surface),which is equivalent to the indexing circle radius of an infinite circular gear.

Rack And pinion

A rack is a strip-shaped part that matches a gear. This is equivalent to a piece of gear rim with an infinite diameter. Many teeth are evenly distributed on one side, matching the gear, will rotate to move, or will move to move. The rack is a long strip with teeth on one side and can be thought of as a segment of a gear of infinite diameter.

Rack And pinions

Precision rack product features:
1.Because the outline of the rack is straight, each point on the outline has the same pressure angle,which is equivalent to the inclination Angle of the outline.This angle is called the tooth Angle, and the standard value is 20°.

2.Any line parallel to the top of the tooth line has the same pitch and modulus.

3.Parallel to the top line of the tooth and the tooth thickness is equal to the width of the tooth slot called the dividing line (middle line),is the baseline for calculating the size of the rack.

pinion and rack

Precision rack can be milled or ground as needed,rack can be made of different materials, for different hardening treatment.Customers can choose the tooth surface material tempering, induction hardening, laser hardening and other processes,according to the different load conditions.

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